What AM Auditions is not:

    -We are not an agency.
    -We are not managers
    -We are not a casting company nor are we casting directors
    -We do not guarantee work.
    -We are not affiliated with Disney or Nickelodeon but people often think we are because we use
    celebrities that have been on those networks to coach and mentor our clients.

Why do people say these types of auditions are scams?

People do not understand the way the industry works. People make a blanket statement saying that
if you ever have to pay for anything in this business that it is a scam. However the truth is you
should never have to pay for an audition, nor should you ever have to pay for representation from
an agency or a manager. You will however pay for all of your own acting classes and headshots
regardless of which agency you sign for unless you are a high fashion model. (5’8” or taller as a
female, 5’10” or taller as a male, and have perfect skin, teeth, measurements, hair etc.) Most
agencies require you to have some sort of training before they market you for obvious reasons.

What is AM Auditions?

We are a performing arts company designed to train and market ages 4-17 in the entertainment industry. 
People all over the country go through our evaluation process to get accepted into AM Auditions. 
Here are the basics of our services:

        1. We provide training to the selected kids from actual celebrities from some of their 
         favorite TV and movies.
        2. We help you get set up with all of the marketing tools needed to make it in the 
         business. (headshot, resume etc)
        3. We teach the selected kids audition technics and public speaking skills. These skills 
        are obviously very valuable in our industry but necessary in life and job interviews.
        4. We provide connections to industry professionals, such as agents, managers, 
        celebrities and casting directors to get them where they want to go.

Why is AM Auditions so important?

If you do not have agency connections and the know-how to properly market yourself, it does not matter 
how  talented you are in this business.  The most prosperous and effective people in this industry have 
a complete understanding of how to market themselves and the connections to be successful. They 
call it show “business” because it is in fact a business. Our professionals will provide you with the 
understanding of how to be a successful business person in this industry. In short, you are taught 
where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Why do Industry Professionals use AM Auditions?

Industry professionals who know first hand how to be successful in this business prepare our clients 
for stardom. We work with our talent to ensure that they are audition ready, camera ready, have a full 
understanding of their specific typecast and have a complete marketing package ready to go.

Do you accept everyone?

Show business is the most competitive industry in the world. We do not accept everyone into our program.  
The industry professionals we deal with trust that we are selecting those that we believe not only have the 
talent to be successful, but the work ethic to thrive in this industry. We hold auditions in order to be 
accepted into our programs so we can assure our professionals that we are providing the best all-around 
talent possible.